Nite Clubs

Stay for the Party at Nextfest 2022

Get dressed up, have a drink, enjoy the art. Evenings of subversive and themed art is ahead for you to enjoy. Start the night with something new and join us as we party late into the nite.

Themed dress is encouraged but not required. Come as you are and bring your friends. Get your tickets here.

Tickets are available at the door for Nite Club events. Want to go to every nite club and more? Consider getting a Festival Pass.

Note: Some events have age restrictions.


Sublime Intervention Collective presents


When? Friday, June 3 at 9:30 pm, until late

Where? The Roxy Theatre 

14+ event. In the slurry of brown sludge and dart butts, it gets hard to remember why Edmonton’s the place to be. The irritations we all know don’t need to be said, but feels damn good to say anyway, keeps us connected better than any LRT line ever could.

But the truth is that from the valleys to the alleys, she’s got a bit of something for everyone n’ everyone for something.

We got as much variety of folks as we do trash in this big little city. At the end of the day, we all know deep down, that Edmonton’s pretty f*cking S.I.C. 




Fear the Festival presents


curated by Fear the Festival and La Connexional, featuring Kijo Gatama, Alice Wordsworth, Isabella Derilo, Ivan Touko, La Connexional Team, Dayna Hoffmann, Lucy Cook, Estephania Peña Torres, Cruella Corbeau, Sandra Olarte, Katie Hartwig, and Mia Kruszewski

What? Fun and Freaky Nite Club

When? Saturday, June 4 at 9:30 pm, until late

Where? The Roxy Theatre 

18+ event. For the Gaze is a freaky and fun night of mischief and all glory and delights of being stalked. Our fear enthusiasts will be thrilled to hear our night is all about you.

Be the main character at For The Gaze. Stop treating the best parts of yourself like your sneaky link.

Come in glam or come in shams. We’ll be watching! 




​​curated by Sarah J Culkin (Den Mother)

What? Smut Nite Club

When? Friday, June 10 at 9:30 pm, until late

Where? The Roxy Theatre 

18+ event. Subversive. Resilient. Determined.

Nextfest’s 13th annual Smut Nite is a love letter from the outskirts that asks us to reach out and fondle the forbidden fruit (with consent). Leather, sin, outlaw, renegade – how have we learned to flip the script? How do we explore the fringes? How do we embrace the outsider in ourselves?

Part fête, part cabaret, part bacchanalia, cum embrace the erotic possibilities of the outcasts and iconoclasts revered and usher in a new age of safe sex, brave spaces, and reckless abandon.

Dress to impress or live to regret it.


Thank you to our Smut Nite Sponsors:



curated by Dill Prusko, Featuring Penance Art, Taryn Walker, Jay Flair, Caelan Carroll, Rae Ricochet, Peter/Terry/Paige Knickle, and Reanna Pilkington.

What? Pride Nite Club

When? Saturday, June 11 at 9:30 pm, until late

Where? Roxy Theatre 

Image by Alexa (she/they) of @penance_art on Instagram

14+ event. Touching You I Catch Midnight pulls the ache of longing for connection directly from the rib cage of those of us who have yearned for more and puts it onto the stage for a cabaret-style night.

A sweet combination of performances and the ‘party’ portion of a slumber party awaits you. The soft cotton of a nightie, the soft pillow that barely holds your head up as you fight sleep, the soft crevice of a mattress created in stillness as you ponder moving closer to someone else, the soft animal of your body, are all welcome to a sleepover themed celebration of 2SLGBTQ+ identities. 

Accessibility information below.



Thank you to our Pride Nite Sponsors:

Accessibility information for Pride Nite 2022:

Touching You I Catch Midnight fills almost every nook and cranny of the Roxy. There are no stairs to access the building, and each of the theatres are wheelchair accessible, with seats that can be accessed without having to take stairs. For specific information such as the dimensions of seats, please reach out, and we will get back to you. There is an elevator that can be used to take folks to the different levels of the building. Alcohol will be served on-site, and there will be a quiet, alcohol-free zone upstairs. Our washrooms are not gendered.

This event acknowledges that there are many members of our community who are overlooked when it comes to being able to celebrate. If you are able to, bring some cash or material items to help support HARES Outreach. The items they are looking for specifically will be on the next slide. All blankets and pillows in the event will be laundered and donated after Nextfest.

HARES has sent the following list of items that will best support this season’s outreach:

  • New socks and underwear
  • Travel-sized hygiene items (toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, soap, tissues)
  • Clean, lightly used clothing (ex: jeans, sweatshirts, sweatpants, jackets, shoes)

You can follow their instagram @haresoutreach for more information and to keep updated on what you can do to support their work.

You are cherished at this event! If something makes you feel as if that isn’t true, look for a volunteer or staff member (who will be wearing lanyards) and let them know. Please refer to Nextfest’s Safe(r) Spaces Policy for more information.

Pride Nite Club aims to showcase and celebrate the work of emerging 2SLGBTQ+ artists. Historically, people who aren’t white, cisgender, skinny, and those who are disabled have been omitted from showcases and celebrations. It is important that Pride Nite Club changes this narrative, and as such, you are welcome to leave feedback on the programming, accessibility, or other aspects of the event anonymously during the Nite Club or by emailing Thank you for your time, and we look forward to seeing you there!