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Pepper’d Variety Show

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Thursday, June 3
featuring collaboration with ICYT, Musical Performances, Good Information, and more

For one night only, Pepper’d and I’ll Call You Tomorrow (ICYT) are bringing all the boys to the yard for The Pepper’d Variety Show. Exstepmom will be your host for an evening of spilling T with the boys at ICYT, drag, sketch, and musical performances.

Late-night television could never.


Hot Girl Accounting presents


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Saturday, June 12

A greasy yet delicious participatory Pride Nite Club. As the veil thins at the close of a night out, we find ourselves in booths and drive-thrus, in glitter and denim, or on the clock. Over the sumptuously deep fried, we reflect on our evenings’ triumphs and disappointments and what awaits us in the morning. Join us on Zoom to see if the ice cream machine is finally running.

Here’s what you’ll need to participate/join in on this evening…

  1. HOT MUSTARD Participation Guide:
  2. Steak & Eggs Design Yer Own Baby:
  3. Hannah Quimper-Swiderski’s Hot Dog Day zine